The PIAF Diagnostic Tool

PIAF Indicative Assessment

About this tool

The PIAF diagnostic tool is designed to assess the investment management practice maturity of an organisation. The diagnostic assessment (“baseline”) resulting from the consolidation of this questionnaire will provide:

  • An indicative assessment of your organisation’s investment assurance processes and potential risk areas (and therefore further improvement opportunities)
  • A contextual background to the potential adoption of PIAF
  • A clear starting point for the implementation of PIAF in your organisation
  • The identification of where early benefits, from the adoption of PIAF, can be found
  • The base line for measurement of continuous improvement and progression towards a mature asset investment organisation

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The questionnaire is focused on determining an organisation’s ability to manage and derive a return from its non-operational expenditure, particularly in ICT-dependent project investments.

Please respond to the following statements by providing answers most accurately reflecting your circumstances as stated below:

A – The practice described in the statement is true in MOST instances

B – The practice described in the statement is true in SOME instances only

C – The practice described in the statement is NOT observed in my organisation

D – Don’t know if the practice described in the statement is actually taking place in my organisation

E – The practice described in the statement is not relevant to my organisation due to the nature of our business

Piaf Diagnostic

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